This site is Rob Opdam and is completely renewed. In addition, the site is in continuous development. What you do today, not found, may be next week. Keep visiting back again if you want to know more about me or deposition in general.

Primary this is my PERSONAL site. On witch I can tell my story and interesses to the world. It also gives me a change to exchange information like photos and storys with my friends and family.

Besides that I'm very interested in my GENEALOGY (family history). Through the guestbook I'd like to get information on (van) Opdam and (van) Obdam that I can investigate, verify and, if suitable, add to my family tree (you can reach me by E-mail aswel).

Through the NETHERLANDS- en WORLDWIDE-pages I'd like this site to function as a kind of marketplace. Meaning that everything on (van) Opdam and (van) Obdam should be accessable from this site (if you would like a link  on my site, just ask me by E-mail).