Hi I am Rob Opdam

Picture of Rob Opdam. In 1966 my parents put me on this, not yet so digital, world after 2 brothers and 2 sisters where the first to come.

After primary school I've finished highschool and College. Already in the first year Building Technology at college my full attention went to computers and computer science. Still I completed the Building Technology course. After that I've done additional training and education, besides my work, to keep up with the demands and expectations of my work at that time.


My first real job started in 1987 with a Building Company where I had funktions as carpenter, assistent overseer and quantity serveyor during the 4 years I've been there.

Logo Building company lokhorst.

After that, in 1991 I became a employee at our municipality and during 5 years I've been calculator / quantity serveyor (STABU-system) and advisor building technology (new projects).

Accordingly with the same municipality for another period of 5 years I performed the function of applicationmanager for a taxapplication and did so with pleasure.

Logo muncipality of Velsen.

Allthough I enjoyed my work, the time had come to make a more drastic change. So in 2001 I quite my job with the municipality and started of as a consultant for a company that supports municipalities throughout the country. It's pratically the same job but with the variety of different enviromments, projects and colluaeges. I kept this job for about 5 years and even though it gave me satisfaction and I've been enjoying it, the long hours had to much impact on my spare time causing me to except an offer of a client to come work for them.

Logo consultancy agency TMOP. Now a days called BMC

So as of spring 2006 I was a municipality-employee again, responsible for the financial system including the Business Intelligence application.


Logo muncipality of Leiden

After 6 years the municipality, together with neighboring municipalities, placed their service mission tasks in a regional shared service center. My work included, so I had to follow it. During this proces I seized the opportunity to again change jobs. It worked and since 2012 I'm a Information Advisor at that shared service center.

Logo shared service center Servicepunt71.


Pasfoto van Diana Opdam. In 1987 I've met my wife Diana on a ballroom-dancecourse. She is my tijgertje (tigger) and I'm her Wobbie. After two years we knew that this would last and so we've engaged us and married in 1991. We choose to stay childless (no kids) since we're both very fond of luxery. We like to go out for diner, a nice car and travel.

Our honeymoon toke us to Florida and Aruba. We tried years to take at least once a year a holiday that would show us something of the world. No Spanish or French beaches but a tour through different enviroments and meeting strange culturs. We combine this for several years now with a beautifull divingsite/-location.


My hobby's are my computer and everything that can be done with it, e.g. computeren (dutch verb). I enjoy it to investigate my family history , something that draws more attention again these days. I've been scuba diving, quit a lot, but that's somewhat out of the picture right now. I do enjoy riding on my motorcycle as well.

Sports never had my interest: for example I dislike soccer and cicling (Tour de France). Tennis can get me interested in watching a tournament, but I'll not be participating in any sport. In fact I should say that I'm lazy. I'm a bit like the cat Garfield Plaatje van de tekenfiguur Garfield. allthough I don't care much for animals, we're a like that cat and I. Diana's favorite movies are romantic ones like 'Love Story', 'Ghost' and 'Gone with the wind'. I on the other hand prefer horror and science fiction, especially Star Trek.

 Afbeelding van starship The Enterprise.

Simular difference is there for music despite it or maybe because of it we're able te appriciate each others choice of music. There is no specific genre for me, but I realy do like guitar, saxofoon and mouthharmonic. If I then tell you that Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, John Williamson & Ilse DeLange are artists that I enjoy listening to, you will understand that my musical taste is very divers.