Once upon a time...wordpictogram

... not that long a go a young man was quite curious about his roots. He started to ask some questions to the people around him, but the answers weren't sufficient. So he visited the archives. That's how he discovered another hobby; genealogy and he thought it to be very appealing. For days his nose was in those books on a quest for bygone days.

There he found 2 trees; a Roman-Catholic from South-Holland and a Reformed from North-Holland. Will these 2 connect somewhere in de distant history? It could be. Because allthough this youngman was very attentive of the correct notation of his surename (with a P and without the insertion van), he read in the certificate of proof that his 5x great-grandfather left out the insertion with the announcement of the birth of his children from his third marriage. His 3x great-grandfather replaced the B with a P ever since his second child! Obdam or Opdam with or without insertion van we're all descendants from the same ancestor. If you want to see what startling oddities this youngman encountered.

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Because of the complex structure of the dataset containing the familyhistory it's content is only made up in dutch, sorry for that. It's mostly names and dates so that wouldn't be translated anyway, but information, notes and sources will need translation.

If you want to have an more detailed explanation or translation of a part of the dutch version don't be shy, just ask me.